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Bohemian Craft California King Size Beding Sets


Product Sizes and Dimensions:

  • US-Twin:
    • Quilt cover 168*229
    • Pillow cover 51761
  • US-Full:
    • Quilt cover 200*230
    • Pillowcase 51762
  • US-Queen:
    • Quilt cover 228*228
    • Pillowcase 51762
  • US-King:
    • Quilt cover 260*230
    • Pillowcase 50902
  • EU-Single:
    • Quilt cover 135*200
    • Pillowcase 51761
  • EU-Double:
    • Quilt cover 200*200
    • Pillowcase 51762
  • EU-AU-King:
    • Quilt cover 240*220
    • Pillowcase 51762

Crystal fleece bed bug mattress cover


Specifications of bed bug mattress cover :

  • Product: Crystal Velvet Thick Quilted Bed Sheet
  • Product Fabric: Polyester Fiber
  • Pillow Case Size: 48 * 74cm

Flannel sheets king size flannel blanket


Caring for your flannel blankets ensures their longevity and continued softness. Here are some essential care tips:

Washing Frequency: Wash your flannel blankets every one to two weeks to maintain freshness and softness. Gentle Washing: Use cool water, a gentle detergent, and a delicate cycle when washing the blanket. Wash flannel separately from lint-shedding fabrics. Drying: Shake the flannel blanket well before putting it in the dryer. Dry up to one sheet and pair of pillowcases at a time. Use medium heat (never hot) to prevent damage. Seasoning New Flannel: When you get new flannel bedding, wash it to remove loose fibres from the napping process. Follow specific care instructions for the best results. Remember, proper care ensures that your flannel blankets remain cosy and comfortable for years!

Goose Down Winter Duvet Core


Specifications of Goose Down Winter Duvet

  • Weaving Process: Twill
  • Product Grade: Qualified
  • Applicable Season: Winter
  • Bed Size: 180cmX (range 200-220) cm
  • Fabric Material: Other
  • Color Options: White, Pink, Beige, Orange, Blue-gray, Pure Gray

Moisture-proof Best Waterproof Mattress Protector


Specifications OF Best Waterproof Mattress Protector:

  • Product Category: Bed Cover
  • Material: 100% Polyester Fiber
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Weaving Process: Ultrasonic Embossing

Thick Warm Bed Woolen Blankets For Winter


Specifications of woollen blankets:

  • Material: Cashmere+Flannel blend
  • Type of Blanket: Coral Fleece
  • Packing List: One Coral Carpet
  • Material: Cashmere+Flannel blend
  • Type of Blanket: Coral Fleece
  • Packing List: One Coral Carpet

Three-Piece Bedding Sheet Set


Versatile Bedding Sheet Sizes:

Choose the perfect fit for your bed. Our three-piece Bedding set is available in various sizes, catering to different bed dimensions:
    • Quilt cover 150*200 + Bed sheet 1 + Pillowcase 1
    • Quilt cover 150*200 + Sheet 1 + Pillowcase 2
    • Quilt cover 180*220 + Sheet 1 + Pillowcase 2
    • Quilt cover 200*230 + Sheet 1 + Pillowcase 2
    • Quilt cover 220*240 + Sheet 1 + Pillowcase 2

Waterproof Mattress Protector Cover King Size Bed Sheet


Specifications of waterproof bed sheet:

  • Bed Sheet Type: Fitted Sheet
  • Fabric Composition: Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
  • Style: Single Bed Sheet
  • Sizes Available: US-T/UK-S, US-T/UK-D, US-T/UK-K, UK-SK, US-K
  • Pillowcase Style: Single-sided, Waterproof, 50752