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Pillow Core Dual Purpose Bidirectional Slow Rebound

Discovering Supreme Comfort: The Dual Core Pillow Alleviate Neck & Back Pain: Immerse yourself in a contour design that impeccably

U Shape Travel Pillow Memory Foam Magnetic Cloth for Travel

  • - Sizeable memory foam core (30*25*15cm) for plush comfort and optimal support.
  • - Elegant color options: navy blue, light gray, pink, peacock blue, black, dark gray.
  • - U-shaped design tailored for comprehensive support during various activities.
  • - Main fabric component: resilient and stretchable Spandex for durability.
  • - Perfect for adults seeking a touch of business-style luxury in their relaxation routine.
  • - Memory foam adapts to body contours, cradling the neck and head for a customized experience.
  • - Elevate your comfort with the Memory Foam U-Shaped Pillow, exclusively at USAWHOLESALEPILLOW.COM.