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Detachable Maternity Support Pillow, Pregnancy Pillow Belly Support Pillow

Detachable Maternity Support Pillow Introducing our Cross-border Direct Supply Splicing Pregnancy Pillow – the epitome of comfort and support for

Ice Silk U-Shape Maternity Pillow for Pregnancy Sleep Support Pregnancy Pillow

  • - Ice silk cooling technology for a refreshing sleep experience.
  • - Optimal support for abdomen, hips, legs, and back, relieving pregnancy discomfort.
  • - Versatile design adapts to sleep, relaxation, and additional support needs.
  • - Premium materials featuring pure cotton fabric and 100% polyester fiber filling.
  • - Thoughtfully sized at 130x70cm, fitting most individuals for a snug embrace.
  • - Easy maintenance with a removable and washable cover for hygiene.
  • - Elevate your pregnancy journey with an enhanced sleep experience.